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Oh my god it's evil!
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Oh my god it's evil!
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// set up audio context
var audioContext = (window.AudioContext || window.webkitAudioContext);
// create audio class
if (audioContext) {
  // Web Audio API is available.
  var audioAPI = new audioContext();
  } else {
  // Web Audio API is not available. Ask the user to use a supported browser.
  alert("Oh nos! It appears your browser does not support the Web Audio API, please upgrade or use a different browser");

// variables
var analyserNode,
  frequencyData = new Uint8Array(256);
const screen = document.querySelector('#screen'),
  allRepeatedEls = document.querySelectorAll('#screen section'),
  totalEls = allRepeatedEls.length;

You're decision might be 'Should I use SASS' well the answer to that one is yes but…

  • This is a learning experience for me too, so things may stay quite basic. The code will probably be basic, however this does mean it won’t be too complicated for entry level coders.
  • I’ll be analysing audio from the microphone, which means I’ll be using the Media Streams API, which only works over https, you’ll need to view the pens over
  • Things work best in Canary so I’ve noticed, please don’t expect pens to work cross browser. The main end game for me is to integrate them into my VJ software, which I run in a sandboxed environment (my machine, my choice of browser) sux I know!
  • I’ll be cross posting all these articles to both my Codepen Blog and my personal blog.
  • There's a high chance I won't make every single day, but I will try 🙃
  1. Raspberry
  2. Rambutan
  3. Redcurrant
  4. Salak
  5. Satsuma
  6. Soursop
  7. Star fruit