How To Be On Fire

So the other day I shared a relatively crazy experience I had in Vienna last week.

Anyway, thanks very much for everyone's concern and questions. I thought it probably deserved a little more explanation.

I set my hair on fire, well I say I it was completely by accident and totally random.

I had just met up with Harry for a natter and a couple of drinks. We found a lovely bar to sit down in, ordered a couple of glasses of local viennese wine and with that Harry takes one look at me, eyes widening with what I can only describe as fear and the unfortunate words 'Ruth, I think your hair is on fire'.

Behind my seat was a little ledge, with a little row of candles. I hadn't thought anything of it and pulled my hair up into a pony tail. But by doing so had completely endangered myself. Sure enough my hair was in fact on fire.

Without even thinking, well ok I was thinking, I was thinking I needed to snuff the flames out, with my hand, which I infact did. But by doing so a big chunk of hair came with it, as did a ton of ash which fell all over the table.

Poor Harry. There I was still not quite sure what had happened, and here he was, with what I can only describe as a desecrated hair mess on the table.

Still, I wasn't injured, the flames were out and like he re-assured me throughout my paranoid mumblings through the night, 'you can't even tell'. I am 100% sure he was ready to pour a glass of water over me like a true hero!

Anyway, all is well that ends well and I visited my babe of a hairdresser yesterday. By the time I'd explained the events of the evening she had rightfully sorted out the escapade. And really I think I quite like the new hair length ☺️

Before and after photos of the hair fiasco