Codevember Review

I wrote this back in December, then hopped in a campervan and travelled round Australia and barely opened my laptop. It's probably still worth releasing tho 👉

Firstly let's go over the last few - here's the inspiration:

Concentric Circles

Concentric Circles

See the Pen AudioVis Codevember #16 by Rumyra (@Rumyra) on CodePen.

This was an extension of the sunburst really, it's just the shapes are being extended around rather than out. Super luv this (see what I did there)

Just Circles

Super Circles

See the Pen AudioVis Codevember #17 by Rumyra (@Rumyra) on CodePen.

It seems simple but you can have fun with this, lots of size and distribution fun.

Custom SVGs

This is Takashi Murakami. He's a crazy artist, I found this book at a random second hand sale at my mums old school:

Takashi Murakami book cover

Then he had an exhibition when I was in London and I spot his work regularly at other exhibition. Suffice to say it's pretty awesome. Anyway super uber great for playing with a custom SVG:

Takashi Murakami scene

See the Pen Codevember AudioVis #19 by Rumyra (@Rumyra) on CodePen.

All using the d3 technique, which I'm super enjoying for a number of reasons:

  • Perfomance
  • SVGs
  • Can also be used with Canvas and DOM elements
  • I haven't even begun with other methods which I'm super excited about
  • Within the final software I just have to set some params and call a function to create the vis - this integrates really well within the eco system


Things I learnt/enjoyed

  • That trying to code a pen every single day is hard - especially if you are learning new techniques and writing blog posts
  • Inspiration is cool, it gives you some boundaries. I luv making vis the sky is the limit, but this can be intimidating some times and you need a thread to start
  • Some d3, which makes me happy
  • Which techniques worked the best for visuals in a browser, or rather which ones worked better than others
  • It really made me think about integration into the vis software

Things I didn't/would do different next time

  • I was also travelling throughout November and didn't take that into account, although I didn't think I'd hit 30 pens, I thought I would do better than 19
  • I really wanted to try canvas and webGL and didn't get that far
  • I would load music, rather than using the mic so it would work over http, I think people are confused by the https link


I actually think this is the start of something. I've been meaning to release audio-vis into the wild for a while and it was a great excuse to get started.

My VJ software Vizra has also got off the ground. There's an original hack version of the software which I've been experimenting with, performing with and generally messing around with for the past 18 months or so - but it's great to get a proper build off the ground.

Note from December

I'm taking a break for the rest of December - I'm in Australia for JSconfAU and will be travelling around once this is over, until Christmas. But there will be more, I can guarantee that, so just follow me to keep up to date 😃

Note from now

This work made a big part of my talk for JSConfAU which was actually one of my favourtie talks from last year. I've also started other work in different areas of the vis, like the analysis part started in this article for 12 Devs of Xmas.

Basically it's all go and super cool and Codevember was awesome 🕶